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First results in the visible region
April 2008
In this first experimental setup the hyperspectral imaging (HI) system is made by a commercial photographic objective, the F-P interferometer and a 12-bit CCD camera. Between the objective and the F-P is placed an optical band pass filter (370-720 nm) needed to select the wanted portion of the spectrum. A blue laser @ 410 nm is used as reference for data analysis.
Two type of sample have been used:
  • the first one is a Gretag Macbeth ColorCheker® illuminated by a xenon discharge lamp focused on a grounded glass acting as a diffuser,
  • the second one is a coloured LED pattern realized in our laboratories.
Schematic layout of the experiment
Test target #1:

Gretag Macbeth ColorChecker®
Test target #2:

Gretag Macbeth ColorChecker®
Test target #3:

Coloured LED pattern
Result: Reflection and emission spectra
The obtained spectra have been compared to the same measured with a commercial spectrophotometer (thin line).
Result: Colour rendering
From the spectral composition of each pixel is possible to reconstruct the coloured image.